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Enjoy an hour of video and photo animated memories on authentic singing background recordings during the Paneurhythmy retreat in Krassota 2007

“I loved Krassota!  This was the best time of my life!”  T.D.

“I felt complete at Krassota!  You are all incredible souls!”  D.D.

“My eternal thanks for this journey into the quintessence of the Master’s teachings, expressed in the community at Krassota.  This gathering has given me some of the most precious experience of my long life with more of my spiritual family.”  J.B.

“The place was special, the people amazing, the food outstanding, and each one sharing their special skill in a spirit of love and gratitude gave great energy to the whole experience.”  B.M.

“The Dance of the Spirit brought us together.  The harmonious singing was fulfilling to the soul and warmed my spirit.” G.A.

Tell me the truth singing directed by Gilles Hainault

See the photo slide show of the album "Life in Krassota"

Come join us for the Annual Paneurhythmy retreat July 3 - July 10, 2008 - Krassota in Victor, Montana


Paneurhythmy Retreat Invitation Brochure for 2008 in PDF

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