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Teaching Paneurhythmy in Poland - 2006

Dear friends,

Little did I realize the huge doorway that would be opening, when Romualda Banaszczyk in Phoenix first told me she loved my book "The Butterfly Dance" so much that she wanted to share it with the children of Poland...

The solid invitation to teach a PanEuRhythmy workshop in Poland this September finally persuaded me after nine years to undertake crossing the Atlantic again. I now realize that the challenges and healing that took place in Bulgaria this summer enabled me to reach a stage in my inner spiritual growth where I would be ready to rise to the further challenges of the work was being called upon to do in Poland, for the obviouslanguage barriers had left me with scant idea of what was being expected of me there...

My long-standing impression of Polish people as bright-eyed, energetic, outstandingly courteous, charming and welcoming, loving and warm-hearted, intelligent, knowing what they want and going for it whole-heartedly and setting high standards of perfection for themselves in all they undertake, was more than amply confirmed... The people of Poland have emerged from centuries of devastating invasions from every country in the continent of Europe, (fighting to hold their own in a land with no natural boundaries and even constantly changing boundaries.) They have an indomitable spirit and an incredible willingness to forgive and make friends with their former enemies, however terrorizing... In WW2 they were carted off as work-slaves, massacred and down-trodden, and many of their large and beautiful cities were bombed to the ground.  Now they are rebuilt and the Poles are welcoming their former enemies as colleagues... I reckon they must have cleared more karma than any other country I know... I am in awe of their extraordinary spiritual caliber and their willingness to let go of the past and use the present to build a new and glorious future.  I have seen these qualities in all the various Poles I have known over the years, and to be immersed with them in their own country as their guest was mind-blowing... 

On arrival in Warsaw at 11.30 pm, I was met by two Polish gentlemen, fresh and unruffled, who had been waiting for me for three hours.  The elder gentleman gallantly presented me with a bouquet of flowers and kissed my hand.  He turned out to be Andrei, the husband of Irena who had invited me to Poland.  The younger, acting as my interpreter, was a young man whose parents are both leading doctors in Poland and each run their own hospital...  He himself is so brilliant he is now studying at Cambridge University -- no less! They then chivalrously ushered me to my hotel and,though well past midnight, shopping was immediately undertaken for whatever I needed...

I was briefed as to the program for the following day, and, at noon, they both fetched me for lunch and an interview with a brilliant young reporter for a leading magazine, who there and then decided to change her plans for the week-end to attend my workshop.

Later I was taken to a large hall to address a gathering of well over one hundred people who were waiting for me -- in spite of a heavy downpour of rain, which Andrei gallantly braved to find an umbrella to usher me from his car.  This was a monthly public meeting run by a magazine, "Unknown World," which aims to educate people in all that transcends the physical: spiritual, metaphysical, paranormal, psychic, etc... I was interviewed by the press, photographed, presentd with a stained-glass angel and
treated with utmost courtesy and dignity by all.

The following day the week-end workshop started in a beautiful building in the center of Warsaw with spacious lawns ideal for PanEuRhythmy and delicious lunches delicately served to us all. I was astonished at the ease and rapidity with which all the participants learnt, their innate sense of rhythm, their obvious joy in dancing and their deep appreciation for the inner Spiritual depths of PanEuRhythmy -- all this through a translator who appreciated neither the dance nor the spiritual contents!  We communicated almost in spite of him!!!

Sunday evening we drove at 140 km/hour (100 mph) the three hours from Warsaw to Poznan, one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Poland. I spent the journey trying not to look at the road, but focusing instead on getting my interpreter to get Irena to explain exactly what was expected of me in Poznan, as I had gathered that the audience there would be very different and that I had to take a different approach, if I was not to turn the authorities against me and ruin their whole venture of attempting to publish and sell my book in Poland... My level of anxiety was running quite high, but I prayed and trusted I would be guided to find ways of connecting with both adults and children, even in spite of having to communicate always through an interpreter...

Monday morning September 11th found us in the concert hall of the Poznan Music Academy with a new interpreter and a whole new crowd.  Again there were over one hundred, but this time they were local government employees who had been given time off work to come and experience how I teach PanEuRhythmy as a therapeutic and health practice, particularly to
children.  Before starting, I was interviewed by three newspaper reporters, one of whom asked me as a family man how PanEuRhythmy could enhance his personal family life...

I discovered that the room was full of teachers, educators, health-care workers and therapists, and I was to talk to them for one and a half hours.  To my delight and enormous relief, I soon found the enthusiasm was running high and no-one was going home... Twenty children were then ushered in and I then had the challenge of connecting with them at a heart level without speaking their language.  By now I had learnt to say "Thank you" and "Good day!" which was a start, but my interpreter followed my lead closely in everything and the adults joined in the movement, so very soon we had the whole crowded hall of people moving, dancing and gyrating delightedly.

The biggest relief and acknowledgement came at the end, when Irena called me to come and sign the contract that she had been so much hoping for. This was a contract with the local government to help pay for the publication of "The Butterfly Dance" and to bring me back to Poland to teach these local government workers how to teach PanEuRhythmy to their clients... Little had I known how much was at stake!

Irena Galinska herself is an astonishing woman and impressed me at once with her loving warmth, her vision and insight, her poise and intelligence, her calm management of every situation, even when she has been working until 4 am that morning.  She runs three companies, including a publishing company and an organization she created herself called "The International Institute of Valeology."  (Valeology means Wellness or Well-being of body, mind and spirit.) 

Irena has three grown children, all of whom speak in glowing terms of her as their mother. She was nine months' pregnant with the first, when the war broke out and her husband was called up into the armed forces.  She steadfastly refused to be boxed in by the restrictions later imposed by the Communist regime in the years before Lech Walesa led the Solidarity revolt.  She found secret ways of accessing inspiring spiritual material and travelling abroad to places
like Egypt and Macchu Pichu, where her son told me he had a spiritual experience that changed his whole life.

The second Hurrah came that evening when Irena asked me to sit down with her son, Przemek
Musiol,(pronounced pShammeck Moushow,) who is a lawyer, so that we could sign the contract to publish "The Butterfly Dance."  It was only then that I learnt the third great "News" of my visit -- that they had come across my other book, "Dance of the Soul," and wanted to publish that too!!!  

To come to a new country thinking I was just going to sign one contract and teach a small workshop turned into a HUGE new venture launching PanEuRhythmy in two of the largest cities of Poland and signing THREE contracts with prospects of more to come... I was just blown away and saw a whole new life being ushered in for me.

I have felt different ever since.  People remark on the difference in me.  It feels as if my life's mission, (that nine years ago seemed doomed to failure,) was suddenly spreading its wings and taking flight -- for who knows where...  I could hardly sleep that night -- this time not with anxiety but with excitement...  What calmed me down was the deep knowledge that all this was not really my doing at all, but simply the Divine Plan working through me, molding me through the challenging events of my life to be used in Divine Service.  Rarely if ever have I felt such a profound sense of flowing with a Purpose so much higher and wiser and more intelligent than I, such a sense of serene beatitude and well-being, of being truly one of this world's most blessed and privileged souls...

For the rest of the time there I felt like Princess Diana... I found myself being accompanied everywhere by a photographer as well as an interpreter.  First I was taken to teach PanEuRhythmy at a psychiatric rehabilitation center and at a home for the elderly, (where elderly men in wheel-chairs attempted to stand up to kiss my hand in true Polish style.)  Having worked in similar centers in England and visited some on the USA, I was profoundly impressed by the standards of care and the evident happiness of the people I connected with in both.  Again my impression of Poland went up and up... 

The final afternoon and morning of my stay were devoted to sight-seeing, and again the chauffeur was also a photographer, while the various interpreters were also excellent guides. We were guided round a magnificent old castle with a moat by a guide who spoke perfect English and could well have been mistaken for its most charming and regal chatelaine. We then we visited a newly-built lake-turned-recreation-center set up for water-sports and reggattas in boat-racing, ski-ing, water-boarding, swimming and with a zoo and miniature railway to take people all round the area.  

A final delightful afternoon was spent meandering around the picturesque old town center of Poznan, then visiting a one-thousand year-old cathedral marking the start of Christanity in Poland -- with (very appropriately) a new statue nearby of Pope John-Paul II spreading his arms out in a gesture of welcome... I made sure to have a photo of myself being welcomed by him to his great country!  I felt it was not for nothing that, when James Michener was offered funds to do TV programs and write a book on any country he wished, he chose Poland as the most promising up-coming country he knew...  

The final touch, as I left for the airport, was being presented with a CD of over four hundred photos that had been taken of my time in Poznan... I have culled a couple of dozen of them to send you separately as visual accompaniments to this letter.  I hope you enjoy them.  I certainly did!

All Love and Blessings to you!



  Ardella pioneering PanEuRhythmy around the World

Early Experiences with PanEuRhythmy

Poland 2006



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