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Ardella Nathanael

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Colombia 2013

Colombia, November 2013

Dear friends and fellow-pilgrims,

Kidnappings by the guerrillas in Colombia are still numerous, but it was both a shock and a great learning experience to hear of how my own friend and hostess at my first workshop on San Andres Island had been detained in her thirties for six months in the jungle by guerrillas...
She was captured in the presence of her seven-year-old daughter, but managed to promise her that she would return...

A long-time student of Yoga, Nonviolent Mediation, Conflict Resolution and other Spiritual practices, she put all these to good use with her captors, so that they came to respect her and grant her most of her requests.  Practicing Yoga helped her keep calm and serene, as she waited until her father was able to pay the large ransom demanded.  He himself had been bound and robbed in his own home on mainland Colombia some years before, and had then moved to San Andres as a safer place to live, so he then invited his daughter to join him there on his beautiful finca after her release.
The depths of Peace and Wisdom and Love that she evinced while I was with her was evidence of her deep Spiritual maturity, and I feel profoundly honored to be her friend...

The workshop experience was amazing:  eighteen wonderful people, mostly from San Andres, but one who had flown in especially from Spain, and another from mainland Colombia to attend this workshop for the fourth time.  Having been at the very first workshop I gave in 2010 in Colombia, she had at the time immediately phoned my hostess to come from San Andres, so that this invitation has been in the making ever since...  

We learned in her Yoga center, danced in the beautiful grounds of her finca (country estate), and then met each morning afterwards on the beach before six AM to practice the Morning Exercises, watch the Sun rise, dance the PanEuRhythmy, and later finish with a swim in the warm clear Caribbean Sea.  During the daytime the heat and humidity (and mosquitoes!) were intense, but incomparably beautiful were the constantly changing colors of the sea, the clear white sands, and the lush tropical vegetation which reminded me of my childhood in Haiti...

One participant was travelling to Chile the following day to give a presentation at a conference there, so I put her in touch with friends in Santiago who were able to meet her and send me photos!!!  The Spiritual family of PanEuRhythmy is happily spreading its network all over South America...

My own comparatively small challenge came in my second workshop in Medellin this last Saturday morning, when I rose early and took a long walk in the beautiful mountainside finca where our workshop was being held.
I have worked all my life to overcome a deep phobia of dogs, and finally had the opportunity to experience a victory!  As I wandered onto a neighboring finca, two barking dogs sprang out at me, and I found myself sending them love... 
One of them bit me on the thigh through my clothing, as I turned to protect my hands and the surprised owner called them to order. I experienced no fear, and apologized to her for wandering onto her property and asked how to reach home.  On my return I applied Thieves Essential oil to the minor wound, and prepared for the day´s workshop without saying anything to anyone.  Imagine everyone´s surprise when at the end of the day someone came from the neighborhood to see how I was!  The word had gotten around!

This weekend´s workshop in Medellin was full of enthusiasm and palpable Joy! Most of the participants had been learning and practicing with my hostess for the last two years, and told wonderful stories of how PanEuRhythmy had changed their lives.  One woman had even sewn a dress and made me a beautiful silk skirt as presents to express her gratitude for the difference PanEuRhythmy had made in her life.  Her husband had left her some years ago and shortly afterwards her son had been kidnapped by the guerrillas.  The ransom they both had to pay to save his life left them entirely destitute.  She had then had some serious car accidents, and was given up for dead by the doctors who operated on her -- as she heard them say in her Near-Death Experience at the time. Later she developed cancer, and again was near to dying. The love and healing she has received from my loving healer-hostess and this dedicated PanEuRhythmy family-circle have given her new Life and Vision, and she palpably radiates JOY! 

We have another week end of workshops here in Medellin before I travel to Bogota, and later to Brazil. Argentina and Chile…  Your prayers are deeply appreciated as I do my best to rise to each challenge in Union with Divine Grace...

May you all experience the unspeakable joy of working to bring about the reign of true Love and Harmony on our beautiful and precious planet Earth! 
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