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Ardella Nathanael

San Rafael, California 

Teaches PanEuRhythmy



(415) 499-8027      



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Ardella’s Life

"Ardella Nathanael is a true global citizen. Raised in West Africa and the Caribbean by British and French parents, Ardella was educated at the Universities of London, Cambridge, Heidelberg, and in Paris, graduating with an Honors degree in French and German, and later with a Social Work Studies Diploma from the London School of Economics.

For nearly a decade, Ardella Nathanael lived and worked in London as a teacher, social worker, and counselor to inner-city families. Fluent in English, French, and German, she taught these languages at all levels and acted as a simultaneous translator for the World Council of Churches and the World Student Christian Federation in Austria, England, France, Sweden and Germany.

Since her youth, Ardella Nathanael has been a student of the world's spiritual traditions and dance. Ardella has studied many forms of dance, including classical ballet, folk dance, Sufi dancing and Kathak Kali dance. She coordinated many personal enrichment and meditation classes in London and taught meditation for the British Meditation Society for five years.

Ardella has been a student of PanEuRhythmy since 1983. She braved the Communist regime to learn PanEuRhythmy at secret meetings in Bulgaria started by founder, Peter Deunov. In 1986, she helped introduce PanEuRhythmy in Europe and Great Britain and sponsored the teaching of two Bulgarian teachers.

Ardella Nathanael has been teaching PanEuRhythmy worldwide since 1988. She has introduced thousands of people of all ages to this powerful "Dance of the Soul." She lectures and teaches PanEuRhythmy in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Poland, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Brazil."



Ardella pioneering PanEuRhythmy around the World


Ardella presenting Paneurhythmy in Colombia

Early Experiences with PanEuRhythmy

Poland 2006

South America

Ardella was invited in 2010 first to Colombia, and since 2011 she has been travelling twice a year to both Chile and Colombia to teach PanEuRitmia in three different places in each country.  The response in both countries has been wonderfully encouraging, as people are looking for forms of Spirituality which transcend any one religion and are free of dogma.  

To reduce the need for translators, Ardella started learning Spanish in 2011.  She is now able to communicate much more easily with people and also to teach to some extent in Spanish.  This has greatly facilitated the work and is heart-warming for people who are not able to communicate in English.

In 2013 she was also invited to teach in Brazil and Argentina, and in 2014 in Ecuador as well.  

Ardella has been writing newsletters about her experiences, and the following is a recent example.  She will send further newsletters to anyone interested, by contacting her at:  ardella222@gmail.com


Colombia 2013


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